Education is a core mission of Choralis, and this commitment is reflected in the breadth of our education programs.  We support the future of choral music with programs for young singers from age 5 through high school, as well as programs for young adults pursuing careers as soloists and conductors.  Choralis also regularly offers workshops and other programs that give community members the opportunity to sing and learn about choral masterworks as well as contemporary choral music works.


High School Singing Scholars Program

The High School Singing Scholars (HSSS) Program is a hallmark of Choralis and the most comprehensive program for high school singers offered by any Washington, DC-area chorus.  Each year we accept 12 talented high school singers (generally three per voice part) who then perform as full members of Choralis for the entire season. The scholars also spend dedicated time with members of the artistic team to provide further learning opportunities.  All scholars receive a full waiver of Choralis dues.  In addition, two exceptional singers will be selected as the Brimberry Scholar and the J. Reilly Lewis Scholar, and receive additional benefits. Students interested in participating in the HSSS program should send an email to:


Cantus Youth Choirs Program

The Cantus Youth Choirs program is now in its eighth season and enrolls young singers in grades K-8 across three ensembles.  Cantus Primo is the select treble choir for youth in the grades 5-8. Cantus Primo regularly performs with Choralis on choral masterworks that call for a treble choir, and also has performed with the National Philharmonic Chorale.  Cantus Primo also performs separately in concert.  Cantus Medius is the more general ensemble for youth in grades 5 through 8, including boys with changed voices.  Cantus Liberi offers training and performance opportunities to children in grades K-4.   Additional information about the Cantus Youth Choirs can be accessed through the link below.

Cantus Program Information, Forms Packet, and Tuition Payment Links


Young Artists Competition

Choralis sponsors an annual Young Artists Competition that gives aspiring young vocal soloists the opportunity to be featured in concert with Choralis.  The winners also receive a cash prize and their names are included in publicity for the concert.  Competition winners for the coming season will be guest artists for the Mozart Coronation Mass, K. 317 performance that is the centerpiece of our May 2017 A Royal Affair concert.

The Young Artists Competition is being held on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at The Falls Church Episcopal Church, 115 E Fairfax Street, Falls Church, VA  22046.  The competition is open to singers aged 18 to 30.  Additional information and the application can be found here. There is a $35 registration fee that may be paid by check or online through this link.


Conducting Fellowship

Each year Choralis extends a Conducting Fellowship to a young conductor who is interested in gaining podium experience with choral groups.  The Conducting Fellow gains skills and experience by leading rehearsal warm-ups and preparing and directing at least one piece at the annual Christmas concerts.  The Conducting Fellow also sings as a member of Choralis to gain the further benefit of observing Maestra Kuhrmann’s conducting techniques.  A modest honorarium is provided to the Conducting Fellow.  More information about the Conducting Fellowship can be obtained by emailing:


Workshops and Festivals

Choralis regularly programs workshops, singing days, or festivals that are open to the community.  One example is the “Come and Sing with Bob Chilcott” days we have sponsored in each of the past two years.  In these workshops, Mr. Chilcott has led attendees in singing his newest and most popular compositions for Oxford University Press, and discussed his work as one of the most popular current composers of choral music in the world.  In the 2015 “Come and Sing”, Mr. Chilcott was joined by British composers Cecilia McDowall and Francis Pott, and all participated in a “Composer Q&A” session as part of the day.  In the 2016 “Come and Sing,” Mr. Chilcott and Maestra Kuhrmann also conducted a master class on conducting, with four developing conductors leading portions of the singing for the day.   

Another example are the Choralis “Summer Sings,” in which community singers are invited to join with members of Choralis in a sing-along of a choral masterwork, under the direction of Maestra Kuhrmann, and with professional singers and accompaniment.  We typically offer 3-4 such “sings” at the end of each season.

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