Choruses for Care and Compassion (CCC) was launched in June to offer metro area choirs a way to work together in support of families most affected by the pandemic  Gretchen, in consultation with her fellow conductors, proposed the idea and a steering committee formed to get it launched. Under the capable leadership of Choralis’ own Holly Looney and Derek Walker, the CCC coalition partnered with the Capital Area Food Bank to raise funds to help feed families in need. 

The online fundraising campaign lasted through the end of September and resulted in raising close to $38,000 from over 400 donors, funds that translate to roughly 95,000 meals for families in the metro area. The coalition comprised 36 choirs, each designating a contact to communicate with its members about the campaign. While donors were invited to designate a voice part (the altos won handily!) they could also dedicate donations to one of the member choirs. Choralis earned the most dedications: 77 donors and $8650–roughly 25% of the total funds raised!

We are grateful to Maestra Kuhrmann for her stellar interviews published in AARP’s online magazine and on WETA Radio. Thanks to all who participated in this worthy cause, and to the steering committee for its guidance and logistical support. Special appreciation to Genevieve Jordan for her help in designing the campaign graphic and for organizing a Facebook event in August to support the drive; to Susan Frost for drafting much of our communications; and to Maggie Gonglewski for serving as Choralis’ contact through the campaign. 

“You  might not hear us singing, but our voices have never been louder!”