Light is a force of life: it illuminates and warms, it brings growth and vitality, it creates radiance and makes our hearts happy. It is the literal reason we wake up in the morning. But without darkness, light has no meaning.

Because of the darkness, we appreciate the importance of life, which we often forget. Because of the darkness, we embrace the moments of joy and happiness. Because of darkness, we truly appreciate the power of light.

In music, we find stability and repose through tension and clash. It is the microcosm of human life. After 18 months of silence, we are truly privileged and eager to explore the true meaning of life through music with you, in person. Whatever we can do to remind each other that there is beauty, joy, love, and healing in the darkest times, we will survive and emerge better for it.




Gretchen Kuhrmann,
Artistic Director



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“,,,fully professional in the power and rhythmic vitality
of its singing, the precision of its Latin pronunciation,
the variety of its emotional flavors.”

— The Washington Post

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