2021-2022 G&Ts and Sing-alongs

Ever wonder what Gretchen and Todd do in rehearsal to help Choralis sound so good by concert time? Join us as they discuss how they work collaboratively, and the strengths they each bring to the rehearsal process from their years of experience.

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Join Gretchen and Todd as they discuss the music of Mozart featured in our season opener on October 31 and offer insights into the composer’s thoughts as well as their own feelings about preparing and performing these great works. The perfect pre-concert lecture.

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Join Choralis and Orchestra for our Annual Messiah Sing-Along
to fight homelessness and hunger in our area.

Fairfax Presbyterian Church
10723 Main St.
Fairfax, VA 22030

$15 admission. $5 to rent the score.

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Dive into the word painting and musical intricacies of lesser-known Bach masterworks: Cantatas—and get ready for Christmas along with him!

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Join us as Gretchen and Todd discuss their favorite carols from around the world. Be ready to sing along as we play examples.

What happens when William Shakespeare, Laurence Olivier, and William Walton do a movie together? We’ll explore the masterful music scored for Henry V by William Walton— big enough for the Bard and Baron, as well as a recording by Neville Mariner and Christopher Plummer.

Did you know that an innovative organ builder changed the course of music? And inspired generations of composers? Find out how…

Ever wonder how Handel wrote Messiah in just two weeks? Or how composers like Beethoven, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Berlioz, and others experienced their greatest periods of creativity while experiencing extreme mental episodes? Join us as we explore the intersection of mental illness and music.

Mendelssohn’s revival of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion started a music mania that has continued till today: what makes that work so enduringly great? Get to know a sublime choral masterwork better.

Gretchen and Todd discuss the pieces they couldn’t live without and why, as well as food, spirits and other life ne- cessities. Bring your favorite cocktail and join the fun.